6 First Date Tips

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1. Ask questions that reveal a potential partner’s values, not likes/dislikes.

Values build culture. If you want to make it as partners, you will want to figure out what her core values are and how you that will help you grow and vice versa.

2. How do they make you feel when you talk to them?

Conversation and interesting dialogue without too much judgment is the start of understanding. If you can feel understood, you’ll invest more in the relationship. If your partner feels understood, they will invest more in the relationship.

3. Know what feeds your soul.

What is it? Travel, humor, freedom, routine, work ethic, loyalty, purity, innocence, polyamory, monogamy? What is it that pushes you toward or brings you back to someone? What is it about your friends you love so much? Does your potential partner give off this vibe?

4. Your problems are not special.

You are one of almost eight billion humans that suffer. Cry. Laugh. Grieve. Divorce. Marry. Love. Go to therapy. Not go to…



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