Dating Someone with Anxiety

Is it monogamy or is it anxiety?

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Dating Someone with Anxiety | By: Dating Advice for Men and Women| 3 Minute Read

Dating someone with anxiety is tougher than riding a mustang without a saddle, I know because my girlfriend tells me. And I think it’s fair to say, that her love, support, and humor are the only ways she can constantly get through to me.

Because I don’t want my anxiety to ruin the love I share with my girlfriend. IT, (the anxiety clown) at times, makes me want to break up, or run away, or take space, or ask for support, with her prematurely because I don’t want her to go through the pain and anguish of trying to understand someone with severe anxiety.

Anxiety is sneaky in relationships. It comes in waves, from the top down, and back up again, and forces me to confront my girlfriend with questions that aren’t hers to answer.

Will you be happy with me if I need space?

Will you love me if you don’t understand me?

Can you be happy with two different people (anxious me, and non-anxious me)?

Will traditional marriage and monogamy work for us if I feel trapped by my anxiety?

I wake up holding her sexy PhD mind and Latina body kissing her shoulder in a thunderstorm freight train panic attack one day, in peace and calm the next, and then who knows what will come the day after.

Anxiety doesn’t give a f*ck about what is good for you when you are dating someone.

Her love isn’t going to heal my anxiety. No, it’s on me, until I seek help. Yet, I know she loves me and I love her. Deeper parts of her make me smile when I’m away from her. Her wide, round blinking eyes. Her curious mind. Her cute little nerd glasses that I make fun of when we watch Netflix. Her smile and the giggles that erupt from her belly when I fart under the covers.

I find so many parts that I love, but my anxiety spins out into the future and decides nothing is enough — that whatever this love is — it won’t be good enough.



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