28 Black Rock City Tips

What you need in blackrockcity: a list of things I’m bringing to the desert

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Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

On the eve of my Black Rock City Burning Man experience, I feel annoyed. (*Scroll down for your 28 tips for Black Rock City immersion)!

Even sad, maybe.

“Why do you feel sad, Billy,” I ask myself.

I’m getting sick, my girlfriend is getting sick (has COVID), and I feel the sting of losing thousands of dollars to not arrive in a desert to do mushrooms with my amazing hippy-engineer-designer-MIT-brained friends in the dust.

What do I do?

I’ve tested negative four times in a row.

I also made out with my lovely girlfriend four nights in a row.

Spiritual walkabouts happen in life, and Black Rock City’s Burning Man is one of those walkabouts for me.

Maybe it’s the dust.

The sun.

Or most likely, the kindness and love of the complete Black Rock City strangers.

Art, music, creativity, and inspiration are off the charts — I played 20v20 dodgeball on LSD, for Christ's sake!

For the record, I never did mushrooms until I was 36, nor any psychedelic drug. I transitioned out of my career early and had always been looking for answers to why life seemed out of tilt for me after losing my identity with what society had told me to be for so long.

Black Rock City’s Burning Man was a chance at redemption. A reminder life is flowing and temporary — we live an ever-changing, distracting, digital life in America. Black Rock City reminds me of the power of analog, natural living with a community that cares to connect and love and share their creativity so openly.

There are so many identities and types of people in Black Rock City.

Be poly.

Be open.

Be monogamous.

Be republican.

Be democrat.

Be whatever.



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